Assignment 3

FITH37 Assignment 3 Specification Semester 1 2022
Assignment 3 Specification Submission Guidelines Deadline: Semester-1 Week-14 Friday 2022, 11:55pm Submission Files:
• A report in PDF file format. • Your assigned Core Network Emulator configuration file containing the required changes to complete the assignment tasks. Brief Description: Assignment will include the material covered in Weeks 7-10. In particular, the assignment will consist of questions related to network and transport layers, structures and functions of local area, backbone and wide area networks, and network security. The format of the student submission will be a written report and a network configuration. This is an individual assignment. By completing this Assignment, you will have an understanding of the learning outcomes 3. 4. & 5
Notes: Do not submit a compression of multiple files. Such submissions may risk losing partial or complete assignment marks.
A handwritten document is not acceptable and will not be marked even if converted and submitted electronically. Submission Platform: Electronic submission via Moodie for the report, and core configuration file. Late Submissions:
• Submit a special consideration through available link on Moodie under assessment section to formally request a late submission. • Without an approved special consideration request, a late submission penalty of 10% per day deduction will apply. Submissions that are more than 5 days late will not be accepted, unless SC consideration is approved.
Plagiarism: This is an individual assignment and group work is prohibited. It is an academic requirement that your submitted work be original. Penalty will be applied to thavhole submission if there is any evidence of copying.collaboration, pasting from websites,or copying from textbooks.When asked to use Internet, books, or other academic resources to answer a question, it does not mean to copy the text verbatim from the source. You must write the answers in your own words such that your understanding of the answer is evident. You must always cite your references within the text and list them at the end of the report.
Note: Plagiarism policy applies to all assessments. and FIT Integrity committee applies the rules. Marks: The assignment is marked out of 100 marks and is worth 4096 of your unit marks.