Assignment 1: Organisational Analysis

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Submission Q m WIL1 – Assignment 1: Organisational Analysis
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As months go on, your role within the organisation is key and should form how you engage with internal and external stakeholders. To strengthen, you could have added how many in your team, what is the reporting structure, is there a departmental org chart you could have used here. Who within the team does what role? There was more importance placed on the company than how you are contributing to it. Through your writing I did get a good sense of the lines of authority and where your role fitted in. That would have been a nice out take to include.
Added to this your formatting was very good and it had a professional layout. I would have liked to have seen a bigger variety of research on the industry through the use of in text citations from external references to support your discussion.
Overall, a good first assessment.
Looking forward to catching up with you in our mentor catch up in the next few weeks.
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