Assessment Task

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Evidence from practice and project management theory indicates that effective teamwork and good group dynamics play a very important role towards project success. It is important to create a successful project team, some of the most common issues faced by project teams are: Lack of trust Conflict and tension Not sharing information Low engagement Lack of transparency No long-term thinking Badly perceived, not delivering Poor change management Working in silos Not going in the same direction. 0-common-problems-project-teams-face/
You are required to critically reflect on ONE issue, that is related to teamwork and group dynamics, that you encountered during the early weeks of your group formation on the module, in readiness for the project: PJ1. You do not have to use an issue highlighted in the list above; it is a guide.
You should analyze your own contribution to the teamwork task, considering the role you played. Consequently, you should identify where you could improve, using this analysis by evaluating how different theoretical approaches address the