ASSESSMENT TASK 2: DESCRIPTION The research area for the proposal is your choice. The maximum word length is 2000 words (excluding references and appendix). Research proposal topics will be moderated to prevent too much overlap between proposals. You must submit your research proposal topic to your tutor for approval by Tutorial 1. Students who do not get their topics approved will be asked to resubmit a new topic idea by Tutorial 2. This is the final deadline for having your topic approved to avoid a point penalty. You may submit before the due date, but once your topic is approved, you cannot change your topic. Ideas will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you want to propose a project on a popular research topic, then you should submit your idea as soon as possible. You may not switch your research proposal topic without prior approval from your tutor, and this will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Anyone who fails to have their research proposal topic approved by the Tutorial 2 deadline will receive an automatic 5 point deduction on their research proposal grade. The research proposal is to be turned in via SafeAssign on LearnJCU by Thursday Jan 18 by 9:00 am. Talk with your tutor about whether s/he prefers a hard copy as well, but the proposal must be turned in online by this date. A research proposal should include a signed cover page, the project outline, a method section including e.g. the study design, the target population, instruments/measures/questionnaires and the proposed way of analysing the data. A particular focus will be on the operationalistion and measurement of the variables. In case there is no suitable measure/ questionnaire available describe briefly how such a questionnaire would be developed. Other parts that needs to be included concern ethical considerations (participants’ welfare, informed consent, confidentiality). Submit the completed ethics application, the information sheet of the proposed study and an informed consent form separately in the folder on LearnJCU. This is also due on Thursday of Week 10 at 9:00. For the ethical considerations: Look through the assessment sheet carefully to see what all you will be graded on for this assignment.

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