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Posted on: Thursday, 19 May 2022 11:21:04 o’clock AWST
Dear all,
By now, I assume that you all have had a chance to look at your final assessment project description, your assigned stocks, and the hints from the RMarkdownStarter. Please BE AWARE of the following rules: • This is an INDIVIDUAL assessment — PLEASE DO NOT COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS! • You are required to demonstrate your ability to use RStudio to apply statistical basics and concepts learned in class projects completed with other software packages and will receive a grade of 0. • Nearly all the background and coding necessary to complete the project is covered in the Tutorials for the unit, and a small amount of independent research may be required. • Focus on providing clear interpretations of the analysis – always tell the reader what the results of your analyses mean • Do not leave this project until the last minute. Tutorials 1-5 will provide an introduction to using RStudio from the absolute beginner’s perspective. From Tutorial 6 onwards you will be able to complete new sections of the report each week. • An RMarkdown starter document (ECOM_2001_S1_2022_RMarkdownStarter.Rmd) has been provided to you. Use this starter document to begin your project. • Submit the pdf output of your completed starter document – the pdf output is attached as (ECOM_2001_S1_2022_RMarkdownStarter.pdf) so DO NOT submit the .Rmd file or attempt to take a screenshot of the .Rmd file – just submit the .pdf output. • Knit frequently and be careful to address errors as they appear. • Submit the PDF output of your final report to the Turnitin link. Submission file’s naming convention: LastName_FirstName_StudentIDNumber_ECOM_2001_Stock1_Stock2_Stock3.pdf • Please make sure to replace Stock 1, Stock 2, and Stock 3 with your assigned stocks following the same order given to you. • Note: 1 point (out of 50 or 2%) will be deducted if you do not follow the naming convention.
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