Assessment Overview


XM Literature review (Group)   

Assessment 3

 Assessment Overview


Key Assessment Information





This is a major collaborative group-work assignment for the CRM unit (group size will be 3-4 students). The customer relationship management topic selected for the assignment will be in conjunction with your workshop leader.  2000 – 2500 words 30% Week 8



To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions.

The topic chosen will form the basis of a professionally written paper. Students can select topics based on their own understanding and investigations of one issue associated with digital marketing across a selected country. Some suggested topics might include the following: 



Customer marketing strategy Innovation by one CRM solution provider
Customer Life Time Value Mobile marketing applications
Predictive Analytics (Marketing) Social Media (Marketing)— Select only one platform
AI Sport fans as customers (Marketing issues)
Emerging trends Analytics in Trigger Marketing
Applications for small business Location-based Marketing
The Customer Journey Customer Retention Strategies
Customer Loyalty Others marketing topics….


A country to examine this digital marketing topic will be one of Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Kenya and Australia.*The topic should be specific and focused. Indeed, many of the suggested topics listed in the table are broad and will need to be further refined.

READ— before contacting the workshop leader: You must apply for approval for your topic by e-mailing your workshop leader with group member names and student numbers, the topic and country of focus. Provide a description of the case studies you will use in the paper.

DO NOT commence work on this assessment task until you receive approval by return e-mail from your workshop leader.

Note— Not all topics may be approved. Groups that are organised and get back to me with their marketing topic & country, week of delivery and cases will have a high likelihood of early approval.

The Short Paper

You are to prepare a short paper that briefly outlines the relevant and up-to-date issues associated with your chosen CRM topic. The paper will contribute up to 30% towards the final assessment and should be between 2000-2500 words in length. Papers that are outside the suggested word length will receive a severe penalty mark. The paper must be concise

It is important that the paper’s content and points be referenced. You should consult a broad set of sources for the paper that include books, journals, consultancy reports, industry articles, websites and so forth. The paper should cite at least ten journal articles and Harvard referencing is be used. The paper should NOT include content covered in lectures. As a current issues paper— references should be no older than 5 years.

The paper should be of a professional standard and needs to include documentation features such as appropriate & consistent size font, title page, headers/footers, page numbering and proper labelling of any tables or figures.

The paper should include the following sections:

Abstract or Executive Summary (not part of the word count)

Introduction— this section will give a brief overview of the paper’s content.

Brief literature review of your topic area— this section should address issues associated with strategy, benefits, challenges and technology. The paper must include industry examples to support the four issues areas. These examples should be succinct and selectively referred to in the main paper.   Note: that the industry examples should NOT be the focus of the paper. The purpose of including the industry examples is to allow brief examples to reflect the literature review.

 Conclusion (place the paper’s word count at the end of the conclusion)

References (not part of the total word count).

Appendix (not part of the total word count). The appendix is a section containing one paragraph that summarises the industry examples used in the paper. Please indicate the source of the industry examples. A good source of industry examples might be from industry solutions providers (eg Sap, IBM etc), consultancy reports or white papers (eg Gartner, McKinsey, PwC, etc), journal article that focus on cases studies and so forth.

All papers MUST be submitted to Erkund via the Assessment Dropbox navigation area of Collaborate by one member of the group. The similarity check must be less than 10%. The paper should be of a professional standard.

 Self-enrol into a group!


You should have formulated groups within your session, so the next thing to do is to self-enrol online via VU Collaborate.
Please follow the simple 
instructions to self-enrol into the XM Report Groups.

Assessment Criteria


Please refer to the  XRM Literature Review Rubric  for the full marking criteria.

Submission Instructions


Please submit your completed assessment electronically via the Dropbox: XM Literature review Dropbox.

Please note: This is a group assessment, therefore only one member of the group is required to submit on behalf of the group.

Ensure all group member details (Full Name and Student ID) are presented clearly on the assessment.

NOTE: The paper contributes a significant component of the overall assessment in this unit. There is an expectation that student’s efforts associated with undertaking this assignment will result in a professionally written paper.

Penalties for late paper submissions are 5% of available marks per day. A paper cannot be submitted after week 8