Assessment overview

Assessment overview The purpose of this assessment task is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the impact that business processes, competing and/or complementary technologies and information systems have on an organisation. You will create a business report and spreadsheet for a fictitious company Zucchero Pty. Ltd. This assessment task will be the first report of two that you will complete throughout this unit.1. What are some benefits to the General Manager, Ms Franka Spencer in viewing a process model such as your swim lane diagram for Zucchero? Include your swim lane diagram from Part B in your explanation. 2. Broadly explain the importance of information in organisations like Zucchero and provide an example of how Information Technology can be a useful tool for attracting new customers and gathering information. 3. How can using a software tool such as Microsoft Excel support Franka’s business decision making? Include the two (2) graphs from Part C in your explanation.