Assessment Outline

Assessment Outline:
• This take-home exam consists of six questions based on a case study. You are required to answer each question. Introductions and conclusions are NOT required; go directly into answering each question. Take-home exam must be typed using double spacing and size 11 or 12 font and text left justified. All pages must be number. consecutively. You are required to include a title/cover page. It should indude the Department, Universiry, Course name, Student number, Subject name and Subject code. Insert your student number and subject code as a footer. It is imponant to present your ideas in paragraph form with linked sentences to establish the Row of ideas. There should be no single sentence paragraphs. Use single sPacin8 between paragraphs. Dot points, diagrams or tabled format is to be avoided. Check grammar and spelling before submitting Each question is assessed for explanation (marks vary), evidence supporting explanation, grammar and academic style. Appropriate medical, nursing and pathophysiology terminology should be used in your response.
Reference (in-text citations) your work carefully and include a reference list at the end. Take-home exam should incorporate a minimum of 8 references which are not are included In the word count. Peer-revIewed journal articles preferred (books and articles) and should
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be no older than 8 years old. (Sources such as general websites, videos, lecture notes, Wikipedia and Slat Pearls are not appropriate sources for this assessment). In-text citations are required to support your answers and are not Included In the word COL/flt. The assignment must be typed in accordance with the American Psychological Association (7th . APA) style. httos://[..
You may lose up to 596 of the total marks for non-compliance with referencing requirements, including in-text citations and reference list. You may lose up to 5%0l the total marks allocated to the assessment component for errors or Inaccuracy in spelling/grammar and sentence construction. Any piece of work which is over or is under the stipulated word limit by more than 1056 will result in the deduction of 5% of the total marks allocated for the assessment for each 10% over the word limit. The maximum penalty that a student can receive is 50% of the mark for that piece of work. Failure to submit an assignment by the required deadline will result in a penalty of the deduction of 10% of the total marks allocated to the assessment component for each day that the assignment is late. Assignments submitt. later than 5 working days after the due date will not be marked and will receive no mar. Extensions will not be granted for this assessment. The Board of Examiners may offer supplementary assessment to a student in special circumstances.