Assessment Description

Assessment: Case Study

Assessment Description

Case studies test the understanding of  concepts presented in class each week through the research and analysis  of real world situations.

The case study for MBA612 involves analysing the international trading profile of a country.

The case study must:

– identify the country
– describe its economic and political profile and briefly describe its historical development
–  identify and describe its trading profile (key import and export  industries), including a discussion of leading firms and its balance of  trade
– explain the role and impact of international trade and finance on its economic performance and
– include any other relevant information required to fully understand the international trading profile of a country.

Some suggested guidelines on the structure and presentation of the case study are:
– The case study should be presented as a formal report of approximately 2000 words.
– Section headings should approximately follow the required content of the case study outlined above.
–  The theory and topics covered in MBA612 should be applied to the chosen  country. This is in addition to any other independent research and  analysis that is undertaken.
– A list of references consulted when doing the case study should be included.
– The case study should be completed in Word, and then converted into a pdf document.