Assessment Criteria

C Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria 1st submission



2nd submission



The student should be able to: The student has achieved this outcome because s/he can:    
1 Use a variety of digital techniques and processes 1.1 Independently apply a range of basic digital techniques


2 Use digital tools in an inventive way in relation to a brief 2.1 Select, demonstrate and explore the use of digital tools in an appropriate and inventive manner


3 Create digital images that explore a range of ideas and responses to a brief


3.1 Apply ideas fluently to produce a creative body of work


4 Maintain a record of development and evaluate personal progress


4.1 Keep an organised and reflective record of the creative process and evaluate this along with the final outcomes



Student Declaration

I understand that copying / taking ideas from other sources (e.g. reference books, journals, internet, and tutor handouts) without acknowledging them is plagiarism. I confirm that:

  • This assignment is all my own work.
  • All contributions taken from other reading and research have been referenced accurately.
  • Any direct quotations taken from other reading and research have been acknowledged and attributed accurately.
  • I have attached a bibliography listing all sources used in producing this assignment.
  • I have added the word count below. NB unless specified otherwise, the word count indicated above is acceptable.
  • I have read and understood the Ascentis document entitled ‘Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Malpractice’ provided by the tutor and understand the consequences of non-compliance with this document.