Assessment 4 — Research Report

MGNT915 Assessment 4 — Research Report (50%) Guidance and Tips
This document will help you approach Assessment 4 correctly and answer any questions you might have about format, style, referencing etc. Some useful secondary sources (websites) are also listed.
Learning outcomes: 1. Develop an understanding of the key concepts, theories and research relevant to the field of change management to enable students to navigate through change situations occurring in their own work environments 2. Demonstrate the complexities of change management as applied in practice in relation to individuals, groups and organisations 3. Use the case study approach in order to bring alive the context and reality of change within business organisations and as a vehicle for the application of theory 4. Become a reflexive practitioner of change management
Assessment task 4:
Your task is to identify and study a case of change management in an organisation that interests you, and for which you can obtain sufficient information from publicly available sources. The change that you will study must have occurred during the Covid period, i.e. during 2020 – 2022. It may still be underway.
First, identify the industry sector within which your organization is situated (e.g. retail, financial services, manufacturing, natural resources, etc.).
Second, identify your organization. You should use all available media and information sources, academic and non-academic, to find data on the organisation and industry being studied and aspects of the change taking place. All sources used must be fully and properly referenced in the task. Then analyse what was done by way of change management. If it was up to you, would you do it differently?
Third, write a research report (details on what the report should contain to be found below). Then, based on your report, prepare a video presentation.
1. Describing the organisation in which this change has occurred (is occurring) and its industry. Provide specific details of the change, details of the environment and context which have influenced the change, and the theory or approach to change that seems to be used in managing change. 2. Identifying the main issue, problem or opportunity that the organisation has faced (is facing), which has led to the change. Then, using a specific theory or approach to change, covered in MGNT915, evaluate how the organisation’s management is handling, or has handled, it. 3. In light of the recommended background readings and textbook for this subject, discussing whether you think management has successfully addressed (or is addressing) the challenge the organisation faced (or is facing). 4. Identify and discuss the option(s) which might have been put in place to enact sustainable and effective change.