Assessment 4 – Assi nment Activity

Assessment 4 – Assi nment Activi
Instructions for students:

This assignment will form part of the assessment for this subject and must be completed in an original and professional manner.
This assignment MUST be your own work using your OWN words and may be completed in the spaces provided or with a printed computer-based document. This unit is a management unit and as such the assignment must be presented in a manner that would be expected of a person in a management position. You will need to go into enough detail to explain your choices and actions sufficiently and demonstrate your competency. Short, vague answers without much detail will not be sufficient for this management and leadership unit.
if you are currently employed, then use your workplace as the basis for these assignment activities. If you are not currently employed then choose a medium to large hospitality venue or organisation such as a large hotel with rooms, food and beverages services, a theme park, a medium to large restaurant or café as the basis for these assignment questions.
We also gently remind you that submitting somebody else’s work is plagiarism and will result in disciplinary action.
If it is completed using a computer-based printed document , please include a heading stating this assignment is :
• Unit name- SITXHRM004 Recruit, select and induct staff • Your name: ❖ Your student I.D.: ❖ Date of submission/ due date: ❖ Your trainer’s name
Assignment Activity Task 1 Document a position description and the key selection criteria for a job within your chosen organisation or venue.
Assignment Activity Task 2 Draft the wording of an advertisement for a job position at your chosen venue.
Assignment Activity 3 Discuss some job roles in hospitality and tourism where you feel it would be appropriate to ask for a police check of candidates. Explain your reasons for requesting a police check of these candidates.
Assignment Activity 4 Draft a rejection letter or email to an unsuccessful applicant for a position at your chosen venue. Student copy Written assessment — Student copy -SITXHRM004 Version 1.20 Copyright Pax Institute CRICOS No. 03152D
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