Assessment 3 rubric



EDEC308 Student Teaching in the Pre-K to Primary Grades


This unit writer need to go through my weekly material and use reading which is suggested in weekly material

Make sure your writer go through my weekly material only

Only my material given

My teacher will not accept anything outside  he will fail me  directly

Also need  references  accordingly


I will provide you Login n details to access form details to check all details  I will provide



  • ASSESSMENT 3: Internship report – due Sunday 12 June 2022 at 11:59PM


  • #3. Internship Report (3000 words) – 40%

Not completed: #3. Internship Report (3000 words) – 40%. Select to mark as complete.


Assessment 3 rubric

The nature of this report will be negotiated with ITE students but will be based on outcomes:


  • Strength-based approach
  • Navigating personal philosophy within centre philosophy
  • Physical environment
  • Social environment
  • Highlighting the positive classroom culture; management and organisation skills required, learning Outcomes and Graduate Professional Standards achieved in each reflective journal maintained throughout the internship






Suggested Structure:

Address each of the above outcomes using evidence from your internship. Include as many documents, data, practical experiences etc as possible. Include appendices where necessary.


Overall quality of writing:


  • Strong writing style with clear ability to express thoughts and points of view
  • Adhering to the word limit
  • Excellent grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.
  • Correct APA referencing



Research and Referencing:

Refer to lectures for recommended readings and websites. In-text referencing and reference list should be formatted according to APA 7th edition guidelines.