Assessment 3 – Project

Assessment 3 – Project- (Induction Process)
Now that you have selected the successful candidate and they have accepted your letter of offer, you will now prepare an orientation /induction programme.
For this task you will need to create a list of documents that will incorporated into your induction kit.
Prepare some research and ensure your kit includes the following (but not limited tol:

‘I (MANDATORY) Create a checklist for the induction which must be signed and dated by the new employee as they receive the information/training.
NOTE: If you submit a blank template/checklist that has NOT been customised to PAX HOTEL scenario then you will be marked NOT SATISFACTORY (NS).
You must demonstrate application and implementation of these skills and available resources.
The rest of your induction program will need to be completed like an ‘Employee handbook’. You may refer to your learning resource or the Fair work guide as to what types of documents and information needs to be contained within this handbook for a new employee of the company.
You will be required to submit your staff induction kit to your assessor for marking. Ensure it contains as much of the above as you can source and apply to the scenario for Pax Hotel.
Your kit will need to be professionally presented.
Use Times New Roman style font and font size 12. Please include a table of contents, use headings and sub headings for easy reference. Include pictures, graphs, diagrams, tables etc to make your orientation kit easy to read and follow for the new employee. 9. to 5 1)45 cl 443 LA)
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