Assessment 2 – Activity/Role Play

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Assessment 2 – Activity/Role Play
Now that you have created the basic foundations and necessary documents — it’s time for you to receive applications for your job opening.
You will complete the following steps:
1. Review the applicant’s CV (Resume) 2. Short list the candidates. 3. Interview a range of the successful candidates 4. And finally select a person you believe is the most suitable to fulfil the role.

In this assessment you will need to demonstrate these skills. We will utilise a simulated environment for the role play with digital/video. This may also be done in the classroom face-to face if you have enough students for 3 applicants to each interviewer. Otherwise this online option is a great tool to use.
To start you will need to go to the website for Fair work. You MUST register on this site with your name and email address to receive a certificate, w Next you will go the drop-down menu that says “How We Will Help”
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