As a marketing researcher

Referencing Styles : Harvard Writing and Presenting a Research Report Directions for completing this Assignment In this Assignment, you will analyze the “Seal-Tight Company” case study in your textbook. As a marketing researcher, your objective in this Assignment is to prepare a marketing research report. Complete the following steps to successfully execute this Assignment: Step 1. In your Basic Marketing Research textbook, go to pages 417-418 and read question 1 on the Seal-Tight Company. Step 2. On page 418 in your Basic Marketing Research textbook, prepare the charts required in questions A-D to be used in your research report. Step 3. Prepare a 5 page research report written in APA style format based on the results of your data analysis for the “Seal-Tight Company” case study. Follow the research report outline on pages 429-433. The management of Seal-Tight Company, a manufacturer of metal cans, has presented you with the following information:

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