Articulation of issues

Criteria HD D CR Articulation of issues (includes the 3 assigned articles) (30%) Student effectively and Student effectively Student Student describes Student provides creatively describes describes multiple effectively few business insufficient multiple business models business models describe several models and business models and sustainability and sustainability business models sustainability and sustainability challenges. Provides challenges. and sustainability challenges. challenges. relevant theories, concepts Provides relevant challenges. Provides some Insufficient and definitions, theories, concepts Provides some theories, theories, demonstrating an and definitions, theories, concepts and concepts and extensive understanding of demonstrating concepts and definitions, definitions theories. deep definitions, demonstrating showing weak understanding of demonstrating limited understanding of the topic. fair understanding of the topic. understanding of the topic. the topic. Critical analysis (40%) Information from an Information from a Information from Information from Information extensive range of relevant broad range of key relevant and some relevant and analysed is and appropriate sources is relevant and appropriate appropriate insufficient, analysed using an appropriate sources is sources is irrelevant or extensive range of relevant sources is analysed using analysed using inappropriate; and appropriate theories, analysed using a key relevant and key relevant and theories, concepts, frameworks, broad range of appropriate appropriate concepts, models, techniques or relevant and theories, theories, frameworks, tools to develop a appropriate concepts, concepts, models, sophisticated exploration theories, frameworks, frameworks, techniques and/or of the issues. More than 10 concepts, models, models, tools used in the peer-reviewed articles frameworks, techniques techniques and/or analysis are included in your report, models, and/or tools to tools to develop a insufficient. including the 3 assigned techniques and/or develop a reasonable Weak, irrelevant articles. tools to develop a reasonably exploration of the or inappropriate; comprehensive comprehensive issues. At least 6 exploration of the exploration of the exploration of the peer-reviewed issues. Less than issues. At least 10 issues. At least 8 articles included 6 peer-reviewed peer-reviewed peer-reviewed in your report, articles included articles included in articles included including the 3 in your report, your report, in your report, assigned articles. including the 3 including the 3 including the 3 assigned articles. assigned articles. assigned articles. Solutions and recommendations (30%) An extensive range of An broad range of A range of A limited range of A insufficient potential solutions, potential solutions potential potential range of potential including some are identified and solutions are solutions are solutions are original/innovative/creative evaluated with identified and identified and identified; not solutions, are identified reference to all evaluated with evaluated with evaluated with and evaluated with relevant and reference to key reference to key reference to key reference to all relevant appropriate relevant and relevant and relevant and and appropriate contextual contextual factors appropriate appropriate appropriate factors (eg constraints, (eg constraints, contextual contextual factors contextual factors limitations, risks, limitations, risks, factors (eg (eg constraints, (eg constraints, sustainability) leading to sustainability) constraints, limitations, risks, limitations, risks, the recommendation of a leading to the limitations, risks, sustainability) sustainability); original/innovative/creative, recommendation sustainability) leading to the and/or the robust, feasible and of a robust, leading to the recommendation recommended appropriate solution. feasible and recommendation of a generally solution is appropriate of a feasible and feasible and unclear, solution. appropriate appropriate unfeasible and/or solution. solution. inappropriate.