appropriate basic ability to headings

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ORGANISATION OF INFORMATION: REPORT FORMAT Report contains Demonstrates a appropriate basic ability to headings in the present the required business material in a report format. somewhat Referencing coherent manner. complies with the There are required style. inconsistencies in Demonstrates limited or no ability to present the material in a Spelling, the required coherent manner. The report overall did not include all the grammar, S format, elements that are required toy the assessment instruction. The punctuation and referencing style report reads well, but please ensure to pay close attention to phrasing are and/or formatting. t. assessment instruction in the future. correct. Ideas are Spelling, grammar, well organised. Punctuation Correct and/or phrasing forrnatting, font need attention. and spacing. Report is difficult Report includes to follow in some TOC and cover places. Page, it is paginated. Paragraphs are separated.
The report overall demonstrated a less than satisfactory level of understanding of the tasks. The issues identified reflect that the student has limited understanding of the cultural dimensions of the destination country. The discussion has primarily focused on defining the tools and management issues instead of talking about the cultural dimensions and cultural differences that could lead to managerial issues in Safe Haven. More case analysis about Safe Haven Inc is warranted for a quality discussion. The discussion of the issue could further explain the cultural differences would cause the Adolitionai management issoes.m000m000mom000m000 and ???.??????????????????????,why Comments: the cultural differences would be important enough for Safe Haven Inc to take note Recommendations need to be more specific a. alternative solutions need to be offered, as a part of the assessment requirernent. The solutions need to be made more about helping Safe Haven Inc establish their hawker stalls in the destination country. So, the solutions need to be made more about the specific practices for Safe Haven Inc, instead of general practices to overcome cultural difference. Moreover, when talking about implementation, some critical discussion could be added to clarify some of the potential concerns when implementing the solutions.
Penalties Assessment Final Result: applied: None weighting: 50% 18.5%
* EX = Excellent, VG = Very Good, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, US = Unsatisfactory