TOPIC: The cultural construction of grief across a number of different cultures. (Indonesia, Australia and Japan)

Needs to be submitted Sunday 13th. (Australian Central Daylight Time Zone)




Substance (Have you substantiated your argument with examples and references)

Sources (Course material and anthropological sources)

Defines key concepts used (with anthropological sources)

Critical thinking


Ethnographic sources and examples


Relevance with Anthropology


– Don’t write an essay that fits in another discipline. For example, to write a research project that just examines prevalence rates of emotional disorders around the world. Nor do I want an essay that only draws on material from neuroscience, for example.

– Don’t use very broad terms like “Western” and “Eastern” culture – be specific & evidence-based & think critically.

– Don’t make meaningless comparisons between multiple cultures where the answer is simply that people do things differently.

– Use of Ethnographic sources (Bonus marks for including ethnographic examples in the essay)


Use at least one or two of these references:

– Beatty, A. 2013. Current Emotion Research in Anthropology: Reporting the Field. Emotion Review, 5 (4): 414-422.

– Lutz, C. A. 1986 Emotion, thought and estrangement: emotion as a cultural category. Cultural Anthropology 1(3): 287-309.

– Throop, J. 2015. Ambivalent happiness and virtuous suffering. Hau, Journal of Ethnographic Theory 5 (3): 45-68.