and the members’ names recorded on the unit Moodle

MGMT20144 – Management and Business Context Assessment Item 2 – Group Recorded Presentation Enrolment in a groupYou must be enrolled in a specific campus tutorial group by the end of week 3, no changes to tutorial groups will be allowed. Within these tutorial groups presentation groups of 3-4 students will be formed before or during tutorial classes in Week 4. These presentation groups must numbered and the members’ names recorded on the unit Moodle site. No changes to presentation groups will be allowed. Each group must complete a team contract. Specifics – Group organisational analysis presentation20 minutes (+/- 10%) at least 5 minutes per group member. Due 11:45 pm, Monday 2 October 2017 Weight 30% 3 files per group uploaded through the unit Moodle site: A text only copy of the presentation must be submitted through TurnItin A reference list of all sources of information must be submitted through TurnItin A recorded group presentation must also be submitted on the unit Moodle site (this could be a link to a YouTube video within the text only copy of your presentation) Submit written documents as word document or pdf only Spell check and proof read prior to submission TaskGroups will be provided with information about a specific contextual factor from Topics 9-11 relevant to an existing business organisation. You do not choose the contextual factor or organisation – this is set by the unit coordinator. The presentation should consist of referenced slides that are narrated. The viewer must be able to see each presenter as well as the slide content. A minimum of 12-16 academic sources must be used to further research and investigate the business organisation and contextual factor. Task The organisations and contextual factors that will be examined in the presentation are: Manbulloo and Regional Economic Issues OR Seimens and Globalisation OR Inpex and Cross-Cultural Management You should adopt the perspective of a group of professional consultants providing strategic advice to the CEO, manager or Board of Directors of the business organisation. Each case has three set questions which must be addressed. TaskIn relation to the contextual factor and organisaton: Assess the impact of the contextual factor Identify critical issues around the contextual factor Generate a series of appropriate recommendations that will enhance the performance of the specific business organisation Meaning of wordsAssess – to judge or decide the importance of the contextual factor. Impact – the effect or influence the contextual factor has on the organisation. Critical – careful judgment about the important aspects of issues related to the contextual factor. Appropriate – the recommendations should logically evolve from the discussion. Enhance – to improve the quality, effectiveness or outcomes of the business by using the contextual factor. Assessment criteria and rubric = 30 marksDefining relevant terms, theories and concepts presented in Topic 9-11 (5 marks) Utilising the specific contextual factor, explaining key details and assessing its impact on the relevant business organisation (5 marks) Displaying an ability to develop appropriate recommendations to improve the performance of the business organisation (5 marks) Developing a concise and structured presentation with introduction, main presentation, conclusion and recommendations (5 marks) Assessment criteria and rubric = 30 marksEffectively using audio visual and verbal communication delivered within the allocated time to expected professional standards (5 marks) Demonstrating a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 12-16 academic sources referenced in the APA style (2 marks) Collaborating and working effectively as a member of a team (3 marks) Note this last mark will be awarded by your team members, if the evaluation is not completed the marks will not be awarded and you will be marked out of 27 for this assignment Professional presentationEvery group member must present. Show your passion and connect with your audience. Focus on your audience’s needs – what does your audience want from the presentation? Keep it simple: Concentrate on your core message. Smile and make eye contact with your audience. Start strongly, grab the audience’s attention. Tell a ‘story’ about your organisation. Use not more than 10 slides. Use not less than size 30 font. For more information go to: Recording and uploading your presentationThese programs will be useful to developing and recording your presentation: PowerPoint can be used to develop a slide presentation Zoom can be used to record your presentation Camtasia can be used to edit your presentation YouTube can be used to upload your presentation You can find out how to use these programs by either accessing the tutorials within each program or looking at helpful YouTube clips.

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