and on which I have thought of conducting

Business Research   I Pranshu Singh and my student id is289902, is a student of business research. My purpose of writing this particular mail is to bring to your notice the topic that I have chosen for the research and on which I have thought of conducting my business research. The topic that I have chosen is ‘Use of CSR activities to reduce gender discrimination in the retail sector of Australia’. The problem with the retail sector of Australia is not the gender discrimination one but it is the problem of discrimination that the women face while intending to work on a part time basis to reduce their work and life conflict within their families. They have to undergo several challenges in order to continue working. The social dialogue is varied in national perspective but it needs fragmentation. The retail sector of Australia does not seem to focus in the ambient condition of work place and nor does it rely on intrinsic quality of work. Therefore, this research will highlight the women discrimination problem in the retail sector along with the changes required in the retail sector, which will lead it to the way of long-term sustainability. This research will highlight the impact of the CSR activities that will lead the retail sector towards long-term sustainability.

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