and how you plan to meet those objectives. The proposal

Project proposal At the start of your project you will be expected to read any relevant background references and to prepare a short (approximately two A4 sheets) note describing the objectives of your project and how you plan to meet those objectives. The proposal should provide the following information: • Your name • Your supervisor’s name • Working title — the working title should be a good indication of what your project is about. The working title will be used in choosing examiners for your project. You can change the title for your final report. If you change the topic, you should change the working title to reflect this and inform the project coordinator of the change. You should only change the topic by agreement with your supervisor. • Aims and objectives — aims describe purpose and intention and include a description of your motivations for undertaking this particular topic. Objectives relate to the expected outcomes of the project. You should break these down into ‘primary objectives’ which you guarantee to achieve and ‘extensions’ which will only be implemented if time allows. The primary objectives should be clearly and specified, do not be afraid to specify and talk to your supervisor. • Relevance — write a short paragraph to explain how this project relates to your degree course. • Resources required — it is your responsibility to make sure that the resources you need are available. Do not expect the department to buy things you need • Detailed bibliography of background reading. • Interim log, indicating meetings with supervisor and material consulted so far. Important Note: Week 4: Topic Finalization (With Supervisor) Week 8: Presentation of topic (Project presentation….In addition to writing the report, you will be assessed on your ability to present your projectproposal. The project presentation takes the form of: (1) a poster (2) a short talk to the two markers of your projectproposal.) Week 11: Submission of topic with upper requirements.

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