and discussion….rest just please edit and arrange so my

Assignment details Please fill the missing parts and organize it coherently……….specially focus on defining teachers belief by providing reviews from references I have provided And code data using grounded theory….some ideas I have sent in the attachments files 5000 words is already there… need to write another 2500-3000 words but balance it in the important sections such as reporting findings and discussion….rest just please edit and arrange so my project would look coherent and plagiarism free. Structure Abstract Introduction Theoretical Framework defining teachers’ beliefs 700-800 words which is missing The thesis will contain the following information: 1. Title Page: including a title (short and explanatory) and the student (author’s) details; 2. Abstract: A brief summary or overview of the research proposal explains precisely what the research is about. It must be clear, succinct and understandable to experts and lay readers; 3. The research problem (Research Proposal from TSL713 revised if necessary): This section discusses the problem or question the project seeks to answer and how the research contributes to its clarification. This section should include an hypothesis, a central and /or set of subsidiary questions; 4. Background (Research Proposal from TSL713 revised if necessary): This section clarifies the significance of the research and describes the broader historical, theoretical, social and intellectual background and context. A discussion of relevant ethical considerations should be included; 5. Literature Review (Research Proposal from TSL713 enhanced as required): A directed search of published works, including periodicals and books that discuss theory and present empirical results relevant to the topic. The literature review is used to determine whether or not others may have addressed the same research problem(s). please some more reviews 6. Aims/Objectives of the Research (Research Proposal from TSL713 revised if necessary):: A formal statement the research objectives. This statement delineates the type of research that is needed and what intelligence may result that would allow the decision maker to make informed choices. 7. Research design (methodology/methods) (Assessment 1 summarised and revised as required based on feedback): describes research methodology and method(s) that are proposed and fully justifies their use. It will include details of sample size, data collection and analysis methods proposed. This section may also describe the theoretical or conceptual approach of the study. Add 20-300 words and references please 8. Analysis of data collected: The full set of data collected should be available as a supporting document. This section may summarise the most important data. Analysis should identify any trends and any anomalies. See the data set I have provided 9. Conclusion and Recommendations: An explanation of what your findings mean for your research question, plus any recommendations for future application of the topic research if relevant. In general, there should be no new information presented here. It should be a synthesis of information that you’ve already discussed. 10. Future Directions: A brief explanation of the next logical steps to increase knowledge relating to the question(s) posed. 11. Reference Llist: Formatted using Harvard (Anglia) style. The report should be professionally presented using: • appropriate headings and subheadings; • Arial 10 pt or Times New Roman 12 pt, single spaced; • Harvard (Anglia) style referencing. • Attachments as relevant – consult with your lecturer

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