, and AS4901 as the subcontract. Obtain a copy of AS4000 &

Assume you are the site manager in charge of the construction of the Strathfield apartments with the above documentation, and that it has been decided to use AS4000 as the standard form contract for the project, and AS4901 as the subcontract. Obtain a copy of AS4000 & AS4901. You can download a copy from Saiglobal using the online TAFE library access method described on the OLS Course information page. Also obtain the construction schedule for the project – this was provided in the assessment for unit CPCCBC5002A – refer to the OLS Assessment information link for the unit if you need a copy. • Review the collected documents, and identify what subcontractors you need to build the project. LA018492 Assessment 4 CPCCBC5005A Ed 1 1 © New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, 2014 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Version 1, October 2014 You need to familiarise yourself with the project to do this. This involves inspecting each plan briefly – as a minimum inspect each plan for a minute or so initially to see what it contains, and the general arrangement. Also briefly review the BoQ and specification. a. Prepare a list of subcontracts that you will need for the project, and then order the list into your preferred construction sequence. Use this list to create a call forward sheet for the project which you need to submit for marking. A call forward sheet template is provided in the Assessment information link. Determine and show on the call forward sheet the work day number that each contractor is required to commence on site – i.e. Day 5, Day 20 etc. – do not use dates. Also assume that work starts on site on Day 1. Clearly describe on the call forward sheet what items of work this contractor is to do. When determining the subcontractors required, make sure you identify any requirements for specialist skills, requirements or competencies, and note these on the call forward sheets. Do not fully complete other aspects of the call forward sheet. b. Use all relevant information you have collected to develop a formal organisation layout for the project – this should show how you would structure the labour on the project and include both labour for direct employees and subcontractors. Note your structure needs to conform to requirements of AS4000 contract conditions, and should assume that the principal will supply plans and specification but not a Bill of Quantities to the contractor (AS4000 Clause 8.3) A simple example management structure for a project that includes both design and construction is shown in Figure 1 below. c. Prepare a list of special conditions of contract that you would want to use with subcontractors on the project. Assume that you intend to use AS4901 as your subcontract generally on the project. (AS4901 is a companion document specifically prepared to be compatible with AS4000.) Consider whether to include or omit for example coverage in the following areas: • WHS • Environmental planning • Industrial relations • Co-ordination of works • Quality • Prior works • Protection of works • Programming i.e. clause 33 of AS2545 • Dispute resolution • Services to be provided by contractor in relation to materials handling, crane, man and material hoist, toilet facilities and power and on which level. i.e. is Subcontractor responsible for unloading trucks, and the provision of any site sheds etc. • Back charges • Insurance • No furth

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