anayalyze a theoretical source

Please anayalyze a theoretical source: “The Double By otto rank” and fictional text, The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe You will analyze the way in which theory affects how we understand and interpret literature. In your essay, you will develop a thesis and argue why you believe it to be true, using evidence from both the theoretical text and the fictional text, along with your own analysis and observations. Goal: To help you develop interpretive skills in order to write a cohesive, original essay. Advice: Re-read the theoretical source you choose carefully and take notes before you begin writing. DO NOT merely re-state or sum up what the theorist has said. Instead, use the theoretical text as a lens from which to understand and extract meaning from fiction. How does what the theorist says apply to the ways we might interpret the text? How could this affect the overall theme(s) of the text? Pick out specific lines, phrases, quotes, etc. from both sources to support your observations and to infer what the fiction writer hasn't come out and said directly.