An environmental protection

An environmental protection campaign or event undertaken by a company 2. A 1 day sports (choose any indoor or outdoor) tournament for a company 3. A company retreat to another country 4. A 1 day exhibition for a company 5. A 1 day seminar or meeting for foreign guets(s) to a company 6. A fund raising event by a company for a charity organisation 7. To send 10 internal employees of a company for a 1 day training/seminar 8. To launch a company product with a keynote address 9. To revamp a company’s internal system and re-install and commission a new system 10. To manage moving the company to another location or renovate a unit in a company OR any other project of your choice.NOTE:This project must be approved by your respective lecturer to determine the scale of the project and extent of the project coverage Refer toTopics 4 and 5 of the text,and develop the project plan of your chosen project based on the following: S/N Description Content 1. Introduction of the Project (Description of the chosen project) (10%) 2. Project Scope statement (6 items checklist) (30%) 3. Establish Project Priorities (Justify the matrix) (15%) 4. Create the Work Breakdown Structure (explain the work packages) (30%) 5. Cost Estimation.