• ASSIGNMENT – I SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Network Technology Due Date: 9th October Assignment 1 Task 1 : Using TCP/OSI as a reference model. Show how Ping command works in the following: • Local Area Network (Ping from to • Wide area network (Ping from to Outline all of the stages that occur to accomplish the Ping command with diagrams and descriptions. You should make appropriate reference to each layer of the OSI Reference Model. Task 2: You work for a large communications corporation named GlobeComm which has been assigned a Class A network address. Currently, the company has 1,000 subnets in offices around the world. You want to add 100 new subnets over the next three years, and you want to allow for the largest possible number of host addresses per subnet. Which subnet mask would you choose?

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