advent calendars

On holidays, Willy Wonka sells”advent calendars”. An advent calendar is a chocolate box shaped as a grid. In each cell of the grid, there's a surprise piece of candy. There are 4 types of candy in the box:

1. Gobstopper

2. Runt

3. Fun Dip

4. Mini Wonka Bar

The function Write a program that declares and initializes a 2D array with 3 rows and 4 columns. Initialize the array with integers between 1 and 4, denoting each type of candy. Ask the user to input row and column numbers, then get the candy number stored in the cell and print what type of candy they got. 4 3 Which surprise candy would you like to open today? Enter row number and column number: 0.1 You got a Mini Wonka Bar WONKO 3 2. 4