Advanced Investment Analysis

Hi, I will take a final test on this coming Saturday 10:00AM, at DEC 19 (U.S New York time)
this course is Advanced Investment Analysis (Financial & Valuation Analysis)
The exam will be given 2 hours from 10 AM to 12
Could your expert be ready to take an exam on 10 AM? It is camera on test. as soon as I get the exam file, I will send it to your expert. then your expert solve it in 2 hours and give it to me.
1. First thing, your expert really screwed up my Midterm exam last time ( I got a refund because your expert solved less than 4 questions out of 10 on my midterm test) , So I really need high grade on this final exam.So, please please find really better and good expert to solve this final test.
2. To take a this final, your expert need to watch review class what it will be come out on final exam. So, Please watch the professor's review class.
exam will be around 10 questions during 2 hours.
you should know how to do the belowattachment.