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No part of this workbook may be reproduced by photocopying or any other means without written permission from the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

Assessment instructions

Step 1

Read the Introduction below first, to understand where your research might fit in to this body of knowledge. Research and read some studies in the area of the topic, you will need these for your references. Remember, APA 7th ed styled references in Psychology – refer to the AACDS Study Guide (academic writing section)

Step 2

Read through the Consent Form (page 4), and Questionnaire (pages 5 & 6) so you understand what you are asking of your subjects. Perhaps do it yourself to make sure it works and is easy to understand for them.

Think about who will be your 20 subjects and contact them. Ask them if they are willing to be a subject in your research. If they say ‘yes’, ask them to read and complete the Consent Form, and after returning it to you ‘signed’, ask them to complete the Questionnaire.

Step 3

Based on the results from your participants, start writing up your research findings on page 7, using the following headings:

What will your Research Report need to Include?

Heading 1 – Introduction (word count) 400 words

Under this heading, make sure you answer all the following questions, though please don’t write the actual question:

What research has been done already on this topic? Please use APA 7th ed referencing for ALL work you refer to, or use.

How does your research fit with what has already been done on this topic?

How is your research different? Do you take a different angle, a certain group of people, use different statistics from the studies above, etc?

How does your research add to the issue as a whole?

Heading 2 – HYPOTHESES (word count) 800 words

Under this heading, explore and provide comment on the following hypotheses in relation to the data you obtained in your research. This is a summary of your findings. Explain how your findings, prove or disprove each hypotheses.

Our perception of our personal body size, is bigger than that of our ideal self

Our perception of our ideal self, is the same what is most attractive to the opposite sex

You Will Also Need To Include The Answers The Following Questions In Your Report:

Please refer to the ‘Scientific methods used in psychology’ lecture and notes, to assist you in answering these questions.

Explain (in detail from beginning to end) the process used in the implementation of this piece of research, for it to be replicated.

(Include for example; how the task was administered, to whom, instructions given)


Describe and explain the raw data you obtained, and what where the findings from that data. Explain why you chose the statistical methods used in ‘your’ research experiment.

(Include for example; your results in table or written format, what the results imply, percentage calculations are acceptable).


Explain how you believe this task has been designed in an attempt to gain good scientific outcomes.

(Include for example; methods used in scientific design to minimise all forms of bias, including the placebo effect, type and style of the pictorial representation – why are they generic looking?)


What are the potential difficulties with the design of this task? Was it designed to be ‘inclusive’ of all people? Explain your reasons that support this.

(Consider how robust the design of the task really was, e.g. did you only give out the questionnaire to friends and family, did you administer the questions yourself – what influence may this have had on the results, were all forms of bias catered for)


What could be altered in the future to gain more meaningful results?

(Include for example; things that could be changed or added, what type of statistical analysis could be used on another occasion, number of subjects, was it representative? Would a time limit change outcomes?)

What are the ethical considerations required in this research?

(Include for example; the ethical considerations used in psychological design and apply to this piece of research)

Heading 3 – Conclusion (word count) 400 words

Heading 4 – References

Use APA Referencing – see AACDS Study Guide


My name is


and I am carrying out this research study as an assessment in the unit CDNPPC02 Analyse the principles of psychology in a cosmetic medical context. The Unit Coordinator is Ms Angela Bird of Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

This study will only take a few minutes and your responses will be completely anonymous. No one, apart from you, will know which person completed each questionnaire.

The questionnaire asks a number of questions about body image. We want to know what are your opinions about body image.

If you are willing to participate, please sign below to indicate that you have read this explanation and agreed to take part.


(Subject’s signature)

questionnaire INSTRUCTIONS

Please follow these instructions exactly to complete the questionnaire. You do not need to identify them as yours.

Step 1

Use the series of line drawn body images that correspond to your own gender.

Select the figure that you perceive, that best approximates your current figure. Enter this number in box ‘A’ below.

Step 2

Select the figure that corresponds to the figure you would most like to look like. Enter this number in box ‘B’ below.

Step 3

Select the figure that you think would be most attractive to your opposite sex. Enter this in box ‘C’.

Step 4

Now refer to the series of drawings for your opposite sex. Select the figure that you find most attractive. Enter this in Box ‘D’.

Step 5

When complete please return all documents to the researcher.










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Assessment Task 2 – Body Image RESEARCH (response)