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There are three (3) parts to this question, all of which relate to the following model:

Part A: State whether each of the following statements is true or false in relation to this model. (5 marks)
• The ERP system will check if the property address is matched before checking whether the address has an active connection. • When a property does not have an active connection, the Administrative Clerk schedules a technician to establish a new connection. • Where a connection cannot be established, the Administrative Clerk is responsible for troubleshooting the connection problem. • Because the Administrative Clerk troubleshoots connection issues, the process always ends with a connection being established. • The ERP system checks for existing accounts in the ‘Active Connections’ database.
Part B: The model does not have correct syntax as it contains three (3) errors. List the structural and behavioural correctness error and describe the location of each. (3 marks)
Part C: This model will not behave as expected due to two semantic quality problems. Identify and explain these two errors. (3 marks)
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