add details to make the theories fit

Choose four theories each from a different theory category. Feel free to speculate and add details to make the theories fit. Theory categories: Biosocial theories Social Disorganization theories Learning theories Strain theories Control theories Rational choice theory Life Course theories Requirements: No more than five pages (double-spaced, excluding title page and reference page) Approximately one page for each “theory” and how it applies plus an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should restate the scenario and lay out the organizational plan for the paper. The conclusion should identify the explanation or theory you think makes the most sense in this case and why. Subheadings allowed, but not required. If there are multiple theories in your chosen category, briefly explain the category as a whole then choose a specific theory to explain the scenario. At least five sources, at least three of which are academic quality, peer-reviewed research articles (e.g., from American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Criminology, Crime & Delinquency, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Justice Quarterly, etc.). Citations and references in APA style.