Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems (ACC/ACF 2400) – s2 2017 ACC/ACF 2400 – Tutorial Week 2 Instructions 1. Use the Net Profit History worksheet. 2. Based on the profitability history given, perform the following: a. Fill the Summary of Profitability information (cells B23 to B27) with the appropriate functions [Hint: To get the Number of Years you might want to use the function COUNT] b. When inserting data in a worksheet that you will refer to in the future, it can be difficult to find a way of remembering where that data is contained. Fortunately, you can assign names to cells or ranges to make it easier to find or refer to them later on. Hence, you are asked to assign the following name to the profit values: “Profitability_History”. Then, use this name to find the total profit from year 2000 to 2015. c. Write a formula in cell A31 that will return a sentence stating the highest profit [Hint: To do this you would need to combine cells with text and a number].

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