Accomplishing specific learning objectives

tI Topics LiAccomplishing specific learning objectives
Topics accomplish individual learning objectives. They may consist of a single page or many. They may center on a single activity or may span multiple complex activities. They may mix text, graphics, voice, music, animation, and video. They may take minutes or hours to complete. But each topic accomplishes one learning objective and accomplishes it fully. That’s what makes them topics. This chapter will show you how to design e-learning topics to accomplish your learning objectives.
A topic is the lowest-level learning object in a course or other knowledge product. It is the building block of instruction that accomplishes a single learning objective. Typically, a topic requires a combination of Absorb, Do, and Connect activities and includes a test to gauge accomplishment of the objective.
Topics are learning objects
We’ve said that topics are learning objects. But what exactly is a learning object? In e-learning, a learning object is a chunk of electronic content that can be accessed individually and completely accomplishes a single learning objective and can prove it. The most important part of this definition is “completely accomplishes a single learning objective.” A learning object contains everything necessary to ensure that the learner meets the learning objective.