access to a vast array of education

As a member of ACS, you have access to a vast array of education and professional development opportunities. All ACS events attract Continual Professional Development (CPD) hours, which you are required to achieve a minimum of 6 CPD hours over the course of your Professional Year.  To see more details on how CPD points are assessed, how they are allocated to ACS events, and how you can update your own go to your ACS Membership site or follow this link: (Links to an external site.)

In order to meet the requirements of your course you must:

  • Complete 6 CPD hours by attending at least 1 ACS event (e.g. ACS Online Events or a recorded previous event from our Digital Library), or
  • Attend at least 1 event including booked online events or previously recorded events with at least 1 CPD hour awarded per event to accumulate your 6 CPD points
  • To make up your required 6 CPD points you can reference 2 events in a single report, use a higher value event (e.g. 3 or 4 CPD points) such as ‘Young Professionals’ Webinars, etc.
  • Write 3 Event Reports based on your experience of, and reflect upon these events using the ACS Events Template
  • Submit three separate reports via the three designated ACS Event Report assignment submission areas (one report per submission area)
  • Submit all three ACS Event Reports by the end of Module 2 or earlier if possible.

ACS Event Report Template

Student Name:  
PY Provider:  
Provider Student ID Number:  
ACS Member Number:  
Report No (1, 2, or 3):  
Are you missing information below? Visit your myACSEvent Calendar and Certification/CPD Hours
Event Venue:  
CPD Hours:  
SFIA Skill Alignment:  


Fill in all the fields below as best you can.  Describe the event in a total of 150-300 words.  Some points you should include are as follows:
Where you able to contact anyonevia this event who offered you some useful industry advice? If so, please provide their details here.













What ideas or advice did you gain from this event on how to get started in the industry?




What do you feel was the key ‘Takeaway’ point of the speaker’s presentation?




What new ideas did you gain that added to your understanding of the ACS and its role within the ICT industry?













How was the event topic relevant to your internship or future work?






Insert a photo(s) of you with friends or colleagues at the event or a copy of the link with a screenshotof the online event. 

NB: use low resolution and size the picture (5x5cms max) so they fit in the frame opposite (or attach them as a low-res JPEG.




Other Comments, learnings, observations or feedback