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Student’s Declaration:


·         Except where indicated, the work I am submitting in this assignment is my own work and has not been submitted for assessment in another unit.


·         This submission complies with Murdoch University’s academic integrity commitments. I am aware that information about plagiarism and associated penalties can be found at If I have any doubts or queries about this, I am further aware that I can contact my Unit Manager prior to submitting the assignment.


·         I acknowledge that the assessor of this assignment may, for the purpose of assessing this assignment:

o  reproduce this assignment and provide a copy to another academic staff member; and/or

o  assignments will be automatically uploaded to Urkund upon submission service. This web-based service may retain a copy of this work for the sole purpose of subsequent plagiarism checking, but has a legal agreement with the University that it will not share or reproduce it in any form.


·         I have retained a copy of this assignment.



I am aware that I am making this declaration by submitting this document electronically and by using my Murdoch ID and password it is deemed equivalent to executing this declaration with my written signature.


Optional Comments to Tutor:


                                                                        Table of Contents

<Insert topic heading here> <insert page number>
<Insert topic heading here> <insert page number>
<Insert topic heading here> <insert page number>
<Insert topic heading here> <insert page number>
<Insert topic heading here> <insert page number>
<Insert topic heading here> <insert page number>
<Insert topic heading here> <insert page number>


Add or delete more headings as required



Case Study

Introduce your case study here


Begin to introduce your topic here, including rationales. Use the funnel technique to write this section.

PICOT Question

Introduce your PICOT question here, including PICOT question in a sentence, details in each PICOT component, type of PICOT question, the best levels of evidence to answer the type of PICOT question, and the purpose of the PICOT question,

Search Strategy

Begin to describe your search strategy, including search strategy, databases searched, search terms, inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria

Search Results

Present your search results in a PRISMA flow diagram provided below, with a brief of explanation at the beginning.

Selection of Final Articles

Introduce the two of the final sources of evidence for appraisal and summaries why you chose each source to answer your PICOT question?


Using the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, please make sure that your sentences and paragraphs are well structured, and you have used the marking criteria as a guide to writing your essay. The assignment should use third-person writing.

Each new paragraph begins with an indent. Please refer to Assignment Presentation in NUR237 Assessment Guide for more presentation requirements. The reference list should be placed on a separate page at the end of your assignment.


Please access the PRISMA flow diagram in Word version via the NUR237 LMS homepage, under “Assessment” or download from the PRISMA website OR click the file attached





At least 10 peer-reviewed references published in the last 10 years are required.



Vogels, A. G. C., Crone, M. R., Hoekstra, F., & Reijneveld, S. A. (2009). Comparing three short questionnaires to detect psychosocial dysfunction among primary school children: a randomized method. BMC Public Health, 9, 489.

Eckes, T. (2000). The developmental social psychology of gender. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


Please access the Murdoch Library for the required APA referencing format for both in-text citations and the end text reference list. APA style for tables & figures will be available on the unit LMS page.