A well-maintained relational DBMS has a high level of data integrity.

Referencing Styles : Oxford 1. A well-maintained relational DBMS has a high level of data integrity. What features of a relational DBMS contribute towards this level of integrity? 2. (a) Explain the various functions of RDBMS? Name the different categories of RDBMS users and how they are different from each other. (b) RDBMS has become most popular Database System world wide? Justify your answer with suitable example. 3. Explain different integrity constrains supported by RDBMS and ORDBMS with suitable examples. 4. Process of normalization is the integral part of designing a database. Justify this statement with suitable database design. 5. Differentiate among on any three of the following giving suitable examples:- a) Primary Key b) Candidate Key c) Alternate Key d) Unique Key e) Super Key Data Base management System Assignment B Marks 10 Answer all questions. 1. Write SQL statements to create a table from existing table. What are the advantages of creating a table from existing table? 2. What do you mean by ‘view’? What are its different types? Differentiate between updatable and non updatable ‘view’ with suitable examples. Also give proper syntax for creating ‘view’. 3. Explain the difference between the Drop & Delete, Commit & Rollback and Alter & Update with suitable examples. 4. Read the case study given below and answer the question given at the end. Case Study A Librarian of a central university has hired a database designer to maintain information about its members, books and other related details i.e. issue and return of books, reservation, fine calculation and usage of books. Question: Suggest a suitable database design to maintain above mentioned data keeping in mind the redundancy and consistency of data. Mention all your assumptions to justify your answer Data Base management System Assignment C Marks 10 Answer all questions. Tick Marks (√) the most appropriate answer 1 An entity is– (a) A collection of items in an application (b) A distinct real world item in an application (c) An inanimate object in an application (d) A data structure Referencing Styles : Harvard 1. a. Assuming tomatoes are sold in a purely competitive market, use the supply and demand diagram to describe, ceteris paribus, a major factor contributing to the price of tomatoes to rise in Australia. In your discussion make sure to explain the process of moving to the new equilibrium output and price. (5 marks) b. How would this impact other markets in the industry? (2 marks) 2. a. Using the determinants of price elasticity of demand, discuss whether you think the price elasticity of demand for tomatoes to be elastic or inelastic. (4 marks) b. Based on your answer in part 2(a), explain and illustrate hypothetically, what should be the effect of the rising price of tomatoes on the total revenue of the tomatoes wholesale market. (3 marks) 3. a. Considering the fact that many tomato farmers could abandon the industry, explain graphically, the different strategies that government should adopt to sustain the long-term supply of tomatoes. (5 marks) b. Make sure to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the strategies you have mentioned .

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