a captive professional corporation

Synopsis: A community hospital has a captive professional corporation, Williams Medical Service (WMS) that ultimately reports to the hospital’s governing board. However, day-to-day operations are governed by the WMS board. Two years ago the professional corporation was given a budget for purchasing and implementing an Electronic Health Record. After a two-year delay the WMS physicians are now anxious to acquire an EHR system. They have begun investigating systems, but have not involved the hospital CIO or IT staff. The CEO is concerned about the disconnect in the EHR acquisition process. (Pages 606 through 607, Wager, Lee, and Glaser text) This case study will illustrate a scenario that is all too common when it comes to the implementation of new technologies and information systems within the healthcare and related industries. More specifically, this case will present barriers associated with the successful implementation of information systems and highlight the need for an information technology strategy. 1) Imagine the CEO has appointed you for the ED IS strategic planning effort. What are the best steps you would take . Analyse a plan of action for the next three months. Indicate by title whom you would like to appoint for the job . Explain your choice 2) If you were the CEO what steps would you take to bring the physician and IT group to alignment . Should the EHR proceed or wait until the CPOE system is complete. Should you require both system to come from the same vendor explain your rational/ 3) LWMC board is concerned that the physicians are naïve about the challenges of EHR implementation, have established no major goals for success except fir weak incentives