¬Domain: Airline Industry Project: U.S. Airline/Airtraffic Analysis

¬Domain: Airline Industry Project: U.S. Airline/Airtraffic Analysis Data: https://www.transtats.bts.gov/DL_SelectFields.asp?Table_ID=236&DB_Short_Name=On-Time Analysis and Data Synopsis: The data being considered for our project is on U.S. Air-Traffic data of 2016 from U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) consisting of 16 U.S. air carriers that have at least 1 percent of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues, plus two other carriers that report voluntarily. The data cover nonstop scheduled-service flights between points within the United States (including territories). The analysis is aimed at studying and finding out air-traffic patterns in 2016 across various airports, airlines and sectors over US. The study also aims to analyze the performance of U.S. airliners across various parameters and study the factors affecting the performance as well as patterns in performance across various time periods. The dataset size is around 465 MB and covers around 465k records of data. Analysis Aimed at Covering: 1. Comprehending/Overall Summarization of the Air-Traffic Dataset 2. U.S. Air-Traffic/Airport Operation Analysis 2016 – a. Airports with maximum air-traffic flows – Volume of air-traffic b. Airports serving maximum no. of airlines c. Airports service pattern across various time periods 3. U.S. Airline Functionality Analysis 2016 – a. Aircrafts with maximum flight services b. Airport coverage density c. Weekday air-travel density analysis 4. Aircraft flight performance analysis – a. Aircraft delays – causes, volume, frequency b. Aircraft Cancellation – count, airports, airlines, period, causal effects 5. Diverted Air-lines analysis – a. Summary b. Cause and density

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