7NU529: Consolidating Learning Experience

Produce an artifact that must be related to health and social care problems where nurses have a role in supporting well-being and draw on my guidelines to critically appraise your professional identity can be an artwork, film review, or joining an organization related to health.

Topic: Sexual Well-being (ABORTION)

Step one; What? Task; Describe your learning experience; Why did you choose the topic of Abortion What was good /bad about the experience? What did you learn from the experience? What part was most challenging or surprising?

Step Two Task; Describe why this learning experience was significant to you as a student; What about the experience made an impact on you? How were you different when you finished this learning experience-have your values, opinions, and decisions been made or changed?

Step 3; Now What? Task; Describe the next steps-what do you want to do with this new knowledge, and where might it take you? How will you apply what you have learned from your learning experience? If you could do the task again, what would you do differently? How will your efforts on this task contribute to your career?