7BUSS022W: Business Diagnosis

Subject 7BUSS022W: Business Diagnosis


Assessment summary:

You are a newly graduated management consultant who is required to research and write a business diagnosis report about an organization of your choice. The two hot themes currently that company try to deal with are ‘’Covid turnaround” or “digital disruption”.

So you can choose any company that goes through one of these challenges. This can be your own company, a family company, an SME, a large corporation, an NGO, etc.

Some examples can be for you to choose from:  Boohoo who have big Covid factory issues and were struggling to beat Asos, Zalando, Zara, and H&M. Your consultancy company works closely with universities. For this reason, your manager instructs you to write a report using a given structure and style that would appeal to both academics and business people.

The analysis should demonstrate your ability to apply management skills and knowledge to a real life situation. The live case study consists of information of your research that all students undertake (and can share throughout the module)

This is an urgent request since the market and company situation has rapidly changed due to COVID and you need to make sense of the new situation and reach a conclusion on whether you advise your clients to invest in the particular company or not.