5L5Z0048: Current Issues In Economics With PPD

Unit Learning Outcomes (LOs):

1. Explain key concepts in the appraisal of economic issues
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of policy interventions on economic topics
3. Apply critical analysis to a range of economic issues

This assessment will contribute to the achievement of the following Programme

Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

1. Apply critical thinking to the practical and theoretical problems
1.1 Identify & apply information critically in relation to the question being answered
1.1.1 Identify & interrogate relevant data & academic literature in order to apply
theory to question being answered

2. Effectively communicate using a range of media
2.1 Demonstrate communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) to formulate a line of argument on the complexity of the question being answered
2.1.1 Organise work in a logical structure with consistent & appropriate
2.1.2 Apply consistent and appropriate referencing and in-text citations
2.1.3 Demonstrate digital skills appropriate to level and discipline.

3. Awareness of ethical, social responsibility & sustainability issues
3.1 Identify and interrogate issues of ethics, responsibility and sustainability
3.2 Recognise, explore & reflect on these issues which may affect your, or your
peers, practice

4. Demonstrate professional awareness
4.1 Identify & explain professional issues in terms of your own personal
4.2 Critically evaluate professional issues in terms of your own personal

Assignment details: 

You should answer one of the following essay questions:
1. To what extent has the COVID-19 crisis highlighted the fragility of an economy?
2. “Additional trade with the rest of the world will more than outweigh any trade the
UK loses having left the EU single market.” Critically evaluate this statement.
3. Is increasing job polarisation and inequality an inevitable consequence of
4. To what extent have developments and opportunities created by the knowledge
economy been equitably distributed?
5. To what extent does productivity measure the health of an economy?