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What would a computer network assignment include?
A computer network is something that links different systems of computer within a specific parameter. This is mostly done with the help of cables or electronic gadgets. They might include modems, etc. The purposes for setting up a computer network are varied and may include some of the following: to share files across the network, make it easier to share information, facilitate communication especially through video conferencing etc. and so many more.
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What is the need of a computer network assignment help?

It takes a lot out of the students to attend classes and complete all the assignment on time as well. For assignments like a computer network assignment, all the more work is needed and it requires as lot of the student’s precious time and energy to finish it. It is a very technical topic and includes a wide range of sub topics. Here is an idea of how it would be based on the information provided by our experts:
The WAN is the Wide Area Network. Wan is a type of computer networking system that spreads over and covers a wide area. The area may be as wide as different states or even a whole country and lets the system work at very high speed. This kind of network system is used mostly in the sector of telecommunication and requires a lot of economic inputs. So, it is mostly used by government bodies, education facilities, and business organizations. It basically connects different LANs, i.e. the Local Area Networks.
LAN stands for Local Area Network. The local area network is one that connects the computer systems (computers and other devices that are associated with them) of a small area, like schools, universities, offices etc. It is linked to a common server, through a common communications line or wirelessly. The server to which it is connected is mostly its own with the functions and applications that belong to the server and are available to the users.
The Wireless Local Area Network is very much similar to the LAN, with the difference being that it does not need wires to connect. Examples of such a network would be infrared and radio signals. These use high-frequency radio waves to connect, and this allows the users to be able to maintain movement in a certain area without the fear of losing connection. Taken from the “Designing and Deploying 802.11 Wireless Networks,” by Jim Geier we can understand that there are three types of WLAN models which are, the Ad hoc model, the Mesh model and the Infrastructure model. The latest standard of the Wireless LAN offering the speed of approximately 150 mbps per channel is the 802.11g.
This is the Metropolitan Area Network. It enables the network connection of areas as wide as a city. An example of this would be a Television Cable Network. The various formats in which it may be functional are the token-ring, the Ethernet of the FDDI.
The area coverage of MAN falls somewhere between LAN and WAN. It also uses radio or infra-red laser connectivity along with microwave. To up to 40 kilometers it can maintain its connectivity with the speed that is it set up for which is high speed networks for the purposes of providing networks to big cities and established towns. In the present times, the MAN networks work on Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) with a standard of the IEEE 802.6 communication that gives a speed of 155 mbps.
Common network devices
What is a network device? It is the basic unit that is used to transmit information through the network in a system of networking. Some of those are:
A hub is what connects the computer systems in the form of a star topology network. It acts as the central point of the connection of the network. It has a number of ports that connects all the parts of the network. It also shares the data packet that is internet into to, with all the segments that are connected it. As it is the central point is transmits the data in frame forms and as a port receives this it is amplified and then carried to the system that it need to reach.
The hubs can be divided based on their usefulness. The categories are switching hubs, passive, and intelligent.
The modem gets its name from the function that is performs, it is a Modulator-Demodulator. The information of a computer is digit so, it is a device that carries through the telephone lines, the digital 1s and 0s of the computer systems. It also receives the information in the analog form and converts it into the digital form for further processing. The telephone lines are of the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) kind.
Media Converters
Media converters facilitate the connection of two media types which are not similar, for example, a fiber optic and a twisted pair cable. It is a simple device and offer support for data communication protocols that are different including E3, J1, T1 etc. Due to their simplicity and high use fullness, they are used in metropolitan area networks as well. They can also be attached to the networks according to their needs, when speed and duplex are the same then a simple converter can be used and with a network bridge to connect half-duplex segments, switching converter can be used.
A repeater receives signals and then transmits them in at either higher power or higher level. To regenerate analog and digital signals that are distorted or disturbed during the process of conveyance and dispatch, a repeater is used. Its advantage is that to relay the same information it can use different protocols.
Pros and Cons of computer networking
The world is a much smaller place now, owing to the face of computer networking. As advantageous as it may seem there are also some disadvantages to it. Some of the positive and negative aspects of computer networking are:
• It is something that may fall quite expensive if done on a big scale, like for a business. Although, even for smaller businesses it’ll pull out quite a many thousand dollars from the pockets.
• As better connectivity helps agencies like the government bodies to monitor undesirable activities in a much better way, it also encourages more and more such activities as well.
• It helps in better communication with the upcoming methods like instant messaging, being able to converse in real time, to anywhere in the world.
• The sharing of resources like the software, as well as hardware resources, through the network is possible. In comparison with previous times when data had to be hand delivered, this method now is much faster end efficient.

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